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Top 3 reasons to buy Australian-made products

Posted by Jennifer Rudd on

There’s something about this time of year that really kicks our motivation into overdrive. Most of us have figured out what we wanted to achieve and have started taking steps to tick off those goals. But if you’re still on the lookout for a realistic New Year’s resolution that’s actually worth sticking to, why not set yourself a challenge to buy more (or only) Australian-made products? For years, we’ve been encouraged to shop local and most of us have great intentions to do just that. But when you’re in a hurry at the supermarket, it can be tempting to just grab whatever’s cheap and convenient without looking for that little green and yellow logo or where it was made. Chances are, the reason many of us are quite lax about shopping local is that we don’t actually understand why we’re being asked to do it. But there are actually plenty of great reasons to make a commitment to shopping Aussie. In doing so, you’re benefiting not only yourself, but the environment and local community, too. Here are the top three reasons to choose Australian-made products.

It reduces your carbon footprint
The average Australian household produces a whopping 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year. This puts us in the top 50 worst emitters in the world! One of the simplest way to shrink your carbon footprint is to shop local wherever possible. This is because you’re opting for products that haven’t had to cross the globe to get to you, therefore reducing the amount of fuel and waste used for transportation. By choosing Australian-made products, you can significantly reduce your output and feel good about shopping!

You’re supporting local farmers and producers
When you choose Australian-made products, it has an amazing flow-on effect for the community. Not only are you supporting local farmers and producers, it also helps to strengthen the national economy — which is a great thing for everyone! This goes not only for food, but also for products like clothing, beauty products, skincare and furniture. 

They're high quality products
Here in Australia, we have access to some pretty amazing native botanicals. At Wild Leaf Botanicals, we make great use of these natural ingredients, like wattleseed, lemon-scented ironbark and macadamia oil. All of our ingredients are native or locally grown and produced to ensure the highest quality possible. We’ve listed where we’ve sourced our ingredients from on our website – giving you the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your skincare has come from! You can check out our range of Australian-made natural skincare products here.

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