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Why it’s so important to practise self-care

Posted by Jennifer Rudd on

As busy, modern women, we tend to juggle a lot of different roles. Whether it’s as a hardworking employee (or business owner), supportive friend, caring partner or doting mum, we’re constantly giving our time and energy to others. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s great to be nurturing and well-rounded - but when life gets frantic and our to-do lists are overflowing, we often put our own needs last. That yoga class or coffee catch up tends to get cancelled in favour of something we deem more ‘important’, like a last minute work project. However, it’s in these chaotic periods of our lives that we actually need self-care the most!

Put simply, self-care is about taking time out to look after yourself. This can mean anything from curling up on the lounge to read a great book to going for a jog on the beach. There’s no wrong or right way, as long as it’s something you enjoy and you’re doing it just for you. For some people, self-care may seem like an indulgent and selfish concept. But actually, it’s the mental health equivalent of putting on your oxygen mask on a plane before helping someone else. When you’re stressed out and exhausted, you can’t show up as the best version of yourself in all areas of your life. This is not only doing yourself a disservice, but the people around you, too. Thankfully, you don’t have to dump all your responsibilities or take three months off to avoid the dreaded burnout. By carving out just a little time each week for one of these simple self-care activities, you can reintroduce some much-needed balance into your life.

Have a Sunday spa day
Nothing says self-care quite like a good pampering session. Whether you round up your girlfriends or do it solo, it’s a fantastic way to start feeling like your usual amazing self again. It doesn’t have to be an expensive activity, either! With our Face Mask Starter Kit, you can recreate a spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home. The kit includes everything you need to give yourself a luxurious facial with our purifying clay and sandalwood face mask. For a super gentle finish, why not top it off with our Lavender and Calendula All Over Balm? The nurturing, whipped balm contains essential oils to calm not only the skin, but the mind, too.

It’s no secret that meditation can do amazing things for your mental health. It also happens to be one of the most time-efficient ways to practice self-care! You can do it for as little or as long as you want, pretty much anytime and anywhere. It gives you a chance to slow down, take a step away from your responsibilities and just breathe. It’s a time for you to focus solely on your own mental wellbeing, which is pretty much the whole point of self-care.

Treat yourself to a bath
Having a nice, long bubble bath is something you can do any night of the week and it goes a long way in helping you unwind. Just fill up the tub, light a scented candle, turn off the lights and lie back and relax. Bliss! You can get lost in your own thoughts, bring in your laptop to watch a great TV show or even use it as an opportunity to do some pampering with our Citrus and Peppermint Body Scrub. Not only does it smell amazing thanks to its invigorating mix of lemon-scented ironbark, orange, mandarin and peppermint, it also leaves you skin feeling super smooth and soft!

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