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As a young girl, I loved nothing more than bushwalking with my parents and being immersed in the Australian wilderness. 

The fresh scent of eucalyptus. The piercing call of cockatoos. The feeling of wonder when exploring new places. 

In nature, I felt wild, well and free. 

 As a woman, I found the Australian wilderness calling me again. Wanting to return to a simpler time of freedom and wellbeing, find my passion, and growing increasingly conscious of what I put on my skin, I had an idea – and Wild Leaf Botanicals was born.


Jennifer Rudd, Founder


Based on a timeless philosophy of simplicity and authenticity, Wild Leaf Botanicals is a range of handmade natural skincare showcasing Australian native botanicals and essential oils. We truly believe that less is more, and will always be honest and open about what’s in our products.

Designed to be gentle on our skin and gentle on the earth, our products are:

  • Free from harsh chemicals

  • Cruelty-free   

  • Made in small batches to ensure freshness, and

  • Completely handmade in Australia.

We source ingredients sustainably to support local producers – some from small, family-run farms, others in collaboration with local Aboriginal communities, all high quality and 100% Australian. Organic ingredients are used wherever locally available.

While our products may be simple in their ingredients, they’re highly effective – delivering all the goodness you need, exactly as Mother Nature intended. Not only will they make your skin glow, they’ll also nurture and refresh you from the outside in – awakening a sense of adventure, freedom and wellbeing found only in the Australian wilderness, back where it all began.


Curious about finding your wild?

Perhaps it’s time to turn over a new, natural leaf with Wild Leaf Botanicals.

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