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Australian Essential Oils


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We only stock 100% pure essential oils, all produced in Australia to ensure quality and freshness, and purchase oils direct from the farmer where possible. 

Suitable for use in any diffuser or oil burner.


  • Eucalyptus (organic) - eucalyptus globulus - wild-harvested Tasmanian bluegum, with the eucalyptus scent that is synonymous with Australia
  • Grapefruit citrus paradisi - a fresh and invigorating citrus oil
  • Honey Myrtle melaleuca teretifolia - a lemon myrtle scent with a sweet, honeyish scent, grown and produced in Western Australia
  • Lavender lavandula angustifolia - true French lavender grown on a sustainably-run farm in Tasmania 
  • Lemon citrus limon - a versatile oil with an uplifting lemony scent
  • Lemon Myrtle (organic) - backhousia citriodora - grown on a small, family run farm in Gympie, with the classic lemon myrtle scent
  • Lemon-Scented Ironbark eucalyptus staigeriana - one of our most popular essential oils with a refreshing lemony scent
  • Lemon Tea Tree leptospermum petersonii - has a strong but pleasant citronella-like scent and can be used to help ward off insects
  • Lime citrus aurantifolia fruit peel - a zesty and uplifting scent
  • Mandarin (organic) citrus reticulata - the sweetest of the citrus oils and smells just like the fruit
  • Nerolina melaleuca quinquenervia - a unique smelling oil, a blend of earthy, lilac and fruity
  • Palmarosa cymbopogen martinii - a strongly-scented oil with an initial grassy note that fades to hints of rose and geranium, native to India but grown and produced in northern Queensland
  • Peppermint mentha piperita - reminiscent of a candy cane and is grown and produced in Tasmania 
  • Rosalina melaleuca ericifolia - also known as Lavender Tea Tree, grown and produced in Western Australia
  • Rosemary (organic) rosemarinus officinalis - a herbaceous scent that is not for the faint-hearted, but is known for improving memory
  • Sandalwood WA (organic) santalum spicatum - and grounding and calming oil, wildharvested in Western Australia
  • Sandalwood Northern Qld santalum lanceolatum - my personal favourite essential oil, with lighter floral notes that develop on top of the initial woody basenotes
  • Sweet Orange (organic) - citrus sinensis - another popular citrus essential oil that smells just like the fruit
  • Tea Tree (organic) melaleuca alternifolia - a more subtle smelling oil than the one commonly found in shops, but with the same benefits and grown on a family-run farm in Northern NSW