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Skincare Business Foundations


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Starting a business from scratch can be a minefield. There is so much to learn, and the potential for lots of trial and error along the way.

From brand positioning, pricing and selling your products, to making sure you comply with all the legal requirements that come with having a range of natural beauty products.

I get it. Because I was in exactly your position when I started Wild Leaf Botanicals in 2015.

This is why I’ve decided to send the elevator back down to help new natural skincare business owners build the right foundations so they can succeed and thrive.


  • The Natural Skincare Business Basics handbook
    This is your ultimate handbook for launching your own natural skincare brand. It’s a step-by-step and comprehensive guide to support you in building the right foundations for your natural skincare business.
  • Essential Business Tools and Templates
    You’ll gain access to 7 essential business tools and templates I’ve created and use for my own natural skincare business to make planning, pricing, batch calculations, finances and markets easier. Saving you time, energy, and mental overwhelm, these will support you through the ins and outs of running your business and become the backbone to keep you on track with your products, finances and goals.
  • 30-minute 1:1 strategy session
    In a 30-minute strategy session with yours truly, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any burning questions you have or advice you need after reading the handbook. We will talk specifics about your brand, your next steps, and you’ll get to pick the brains of someone (me!) who’s been there. Together we will build your confidence and explore options to pave your path to success in your natural skincare business.
  • Exclusive access to the Skincare Business Foundations Facebook group
    I’ll be right by your side in this private Facebook group (open only to people who’ve purchased the Skincare Business Foundations package) to answer any questions you may have after your strategy session and to provide bonus tools and tips. Connect with like-minded skincare business owners and talk all things natural skincare, starting and building a business and everything in-between.


  • Define your goals - Gain clarity on what your goals will be and what you need to do to achieve them.
  • Know your target market - Conduct market research to understand your target market so you can create a problem-solving product they love.
  • Articulate your unique selling point - Establish your point of difference in the natural skincare market.
  • Be compliant – Relieve your stress by knowing all the relevant laws and regulations you need to comply with.
  • Get clear on your pricing - Understand how to establish wholesale and retail prices for your products to achieve long-term success in the market.
  • Market your brand - Get inspiration for how to position your brand in the industry and target your ideal customer.
  • Save time and money - Be equipped with all the necessary tools and templates to save you hours of research, trial and error and unnecessary paperwork.
  • Know when to consult an expert - Understand that you can’t always do everything yourself and know when you need to seek advice from a relevant expert.

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